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Watched so many people out here in svnit ‘blogging’. so why leave this unfragged? So, thought of entering this ‘blogosphere’ myself. My first blog is dedicated to the new genre of spammers. Guess whom am i talking about yourself… read on…..

Disturbing your 6 pm sleep continuosly for 3 days, your phone starts ringing ‘yeah yeah’ (by usher). looking at an unknown airtel number, when you recieve the call and hear to that regular irritating tone of a soft voiced lady who says ‘namaskar e airtel ke taraf se muft call hai…’, you go nuts,bolts,screws, hinges etc.


You have just come to your room after recharging hundreds, you start recieving hundred messages in your inbox telling you about various recharge options and the most irritating of all smses like ‘to recieve daily tips on housekeeping……’.if this is not a spam then what else do you call?


You want to call your friend very urgently just before the first period asking him to give your proxy, your operator is more excited as usual to tell you to recharge with new ‘white elephant’ scheme of theirs again through the same fuckin lady to whom you cant say ‘Shut up. I already have a thousand in my credit’. I really went mad one day when after waiting for her to finish and next voice says he is swithced off.


Now for almost all the cell users….even you give a good competition to your operator by smsing your friends all day long the so-called forwards, rather the spams,the mobile-spams

and now
at last
For Heaven’ s sake,
Do not spam my comment column by your useless stuff. There is no need to ‘EXPRESS YOURSELF’

5 thoughts on “THE ZEROth POST”

  1. So i have the honour of being the first commenter…

    Welcome to blogistan…

    Keep posting and try not to be like me who started a blog 2 semesters back, came up with a group of posts and then stupidly deleted them all and now dont write anything because of the beautiful virtue of laziness !!!

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