Flood Orkut scrapbooks….

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Hey, I am back, now with a technical stuff…. The use of JavaScript to flood your friends in their Orkut.com scrapbook though still work, and there are various other techniques available, this one is mine. Orkut scrapbook’s new avatar no doubt seems amazing with options to reply, view 10,20,or 30 scraps in a page and new ‘delete selected scraps’ button. However Mr. Orkut Buyukkokten should have checked for a loophole in the new reply system. After replying someone in the drop-down box, and refresh the page, the person gets the same scrap again.

To avoid it, each time you have to go back to Home and then come back to scrapbook. I even came across few people blaming their poor browser or account having some sort of weird problem of scrapping people on its own.

Yeah, I was mentioning something. If you are using Firefox, which happens to be my favorite, install this extension ReloadEvery 2.0. Now, go to your scrapbook and find the page in which your would-be victim has scrapped you. Using the reply option, type whatever you want and submit. [ Tip: To send blank scrap, type any tag like [b], [i] etc.] Now, set the extension to reload the page at the interval inversely proportional to the frequency of scrap entries you want and enable. So if you set it to reload every second, he will get 60 scraps in one minute!!! Of course, your bandwidth must be quite good. If you have still better bandwidth, keep it running on more tabs. Now, there is a catch. You can’t just keep on spamming as there is some limit of scrapping per day. After nearly two thousand scraps in a day to my victims , I couldn’t scrap anyone. I was afraid if my account got reported for this. But no problem, you can start it again the next day.

Till now, I couldn’t find any way to avoid this other than adding the spammer to your ignore list or deleting all his scraps in your scrapbook.

Happy spamming….. till this gets fixed….. But, is it necessary?

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