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What is it?

It is a add-on to browser from where you can control your media player without leaving the browser. Works with firefox and IE7, latter just doesnt matter anyway(lolz). It supports almost all the popular media players and some unpopulars too.

What can I do?

You can control the volume, change the track, play, pause, stop. You can also check the details of the track being played and also search for its lyrics, artist, album etc on the web. Opting to hide the player is a cool option, you dont see the player in taskbar or tray.

Tell me more…

Its one-click to link to Foxytunes Planet is a great one to check out.

For example, while playing pink floyd, I can be linked to the page showing its bios, videos, photos, radio, shopping etc very cleanly arranged. You can also choose which widget to show among youtube, flickr, pandora, amazon, lyricwiki and few others.

Foxytunes mini can be used as universal controller to any media player even when browser is closed, just keeping it in tray.

Enough now…

Go.. check it out here Install now

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