Scrap all your orkut friends… AD-FREE ! ! !

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Since few weeks, there has been a flood of javascripts offering ‘scrap-all-friends’ utility. My investigation concluded all the codes are same, just a change of links to the community being a bit different. I made my own version of the code with no such useless links. It can be found here.

javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement(‘script’);d.body.appendChild(c);c.src=’ ‘;void(0)

Just Copy and Paste the aboue Code into your address Bar. Then wait for a few seconds for loading. U will get a screen where u can type in your message ,after typing the message click send scraps , u will get a dialog box ,clk ok…


3 thoughts on “Scrap all your orkut friends… AD-FREE ! ! !”

  1. gr8 script man!!

    people often ignore comon scraps wen dey c d link…buh now dey will c d scrap n also not noe weder itz a common scrap…gr8 dude…thnkz ..

  2. Hey, gret work !!
    Can you provide me a way to scrap all the members in a particular community. Actually I am an HR consultant. Right now I visit the profiles of all the members in a community and leave scrap on them manually. Can this be automated with some script. I want that in one go, I can scrap all the members of that community.

    It will be great help for me, if you can provide me a way to do this. You can contact me at

    Thanks !!

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