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Here is a hack that enables you to save a couple of bucks if u r already a member r otherwise.
1. For yet-to-become members,
Sign up as usual, and check the Promotional code checkbox. Now google out “librarywala +promotion code” with r without quotes.

Just check the first two results, first is of barclaycard and the second is of axisbank. I guess the barclaycard offer is over, so use the axisbank promotion code “libaxis639” and sign-up… gr8 you just saved at Rs.499 membership fees.
ok… let me clarify… It doesnt really matter weather you are using axis bank credit-card or any other mode of payment, it just goes unnoticed.

2. For existing members,

As you might already know, If you refer 5 of your friends, you will be getting 1 year of free subscription. So, you can use the same strategy to register 5 of your friends.
Simple math will show you how much you will be saving.
Registration of 5 persons will cost you Rs.638×5 = Rs.3190 of which Rs499x5 = Rs.2495 is refundable once they unsubscribe, thus costing you net Rs.695.
Considering you are in the cubic plan, you are saving.1400-Rs.695 =Rs.705, and if you’re in the classic plan you are saving Rs.3000-Rs.695 = Rs. 2305 flat.

Just do it before this gets fixed… wiki wiki…

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