Why Firefox still scores over Google Chrome

A lot have been talked about Google chrome. Rounding up , Its better because , it wont crash, is very fast, makes good use of the real estate on your display, manages downloads, operate in incognito mode etc. Its scores negative in few features like, dropdown bar in the url field is absent, history can be viewed date wise only, no extensions, privacy invasion etc.

In this post, I am ‘throwing some light’ on more drawbacks/bugs.

1. If the link is opened in new tab, the color doesn’t change till you refresh.
The search term in the screenshot is “google chrome”. We can see that the first and second links are purple colored indicating that the link is present in the history, while others, which aren’t in the history, are blue in color.

Now, lets open the wikipedia link, which is still blue, indicating that the link is unopened.
Even after opening those links in new tabs, the color doesn’t change until you refresh the page.

2. What the heck is this?

I get this whenever I close the chrome and reopen with a google search result page open. Interestingly, it happens only for the google page.

3. While we switch tabs, the page is white for a brief period of time. More heavy the page is, greater is this time, sometime to the tune of 7-8 secs. Sometimes, it makes the user wonder that the page is really blank.

4. While the picture attachments in gmail are being opened, loading is not shown.While in the firefox, we know something is still getting loaded in that mail.

5. Gtalk window is not fully compatible! Just do this to know. open any gtalk window and then resize your chrome window, first make it small and again enlarge… poof! your gtalk window is gone. Or put your cursor on any text in the gtalk window and drag down using your mouse. Now did you get that white patch in the bottom?

Here is a compilation of some basic improvements that can be made in further releases.
a. ? searches using the default search engine. A similar hot key in the address bar which will mock the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button is needed.
b. User must be able to customise the new tab page with his own set of thumbnails.
c. More similar customisation settings are needed for more advanced users.
d. I didnt understand why the forward button is inactive while I m in Gmail page.
e. Last but not the least, holy cow, I cant see the title of the webpage at all, as the title bar itself is removed.

Hope these issues are addressed in the subsequent releases.
– ‘About Google Chrome’ window says ‘Google Chrome is up to date(’.
– This post is written using Mozilla Firefox :)

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  1. I don’t believe I have seen this depicted in such an informative way before. You really have clarified this for me. Thanks!

  2. Really interesting blog u have here. I’d like to read a bit more concerning such topic. Thank you for giving such info.

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