Reading Time: 2 minutes is one of the premier sites for booking movies in India. This hack is about blocking all the seats in the cinemahall.
First, lets start reserving. Choose the city, theater and the show. At one time, we can reserve maximum of 6 seats only(in some halls, it is 10). So, reserve 6 seats and press ‘Continue’, then ‘Pay Now’ and you will be taken to the payment options page.

Screenshot 1: 6 Seats booked for 4:00 PM show

Now, open a new tab/window and repeat the process. Keep doing this in new tabs until all the seats are blocked.
Screenshot 2: Grey ones are blocked, White ones are yet to be done.

Once you are done with all the seats,
Screenshot 3 : At

Screenshot 4 : At

Well, It can be solved by looking at the IP address from where the request is coming…
Two things to consider,
One, you gotta be fast to block them, as the seats get unblocked after 10 minutes automatically. Two, online booking won’t be available few hours (in some cases 2 hrs) prior to the show.
If you feel lazy to keep it doing by yourself, use any macro recorder like jitbit and keep it running on a machine, sit back and enjoy… Nobody will be able to book the tickets until u give up…LOL…
Same logic can be applied to other similar sites too(Works out in too)…Please update in the comment section if anybody tries in other sites.
Anyways, Happy hacking.

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