How I saved on my car insurance, and you can do it too

These tips have helped me in saving on my car insurance premiums upto 40%. These may help you in case you are planning to buy a new car or renewing your insurance.

When purchasing a new car, buy directly from the insurer not through dealer

When buying a new car, you are least bothered about insurance terms offered. Dealers make a huge margin on these extra services claiming that they will be responsible for the claims etc., although not entirely true.

Comparison of insurance premiums for Hyundai Creta SX(O) Diesel version as on Aug 2018
(Source: Carwale and Coverfox)

Hyundai Creta comparison

While the dealer price is ₹67,603,  Bharti Axa offers the same at ₹41,123 if bought directly from them. 40% LESS!!
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Driverless Car in Namma Bengaluru

You probably landed on this link via my original facebook post about testing of autonomous car in Namma Bengaluru.

Of course, If anybody doesn’t fall for a prank, it would be on April 1. So, I posted this 2 days later.
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A Survey on Surveys

B-School students keep conducting surveys for their term projects leading to flood of survey requests on group emails and social networks during the end of the term. If you are a management student, you would know that. Scene at Indian Institute of Management Rohtak was not different.

Are people really serious while answering surveys? Which category of people are more likely to fill surveys attentively?

Just to have some fun, I conducted a “Survey on surveys” and floated it among the students which was also submitted as a assignment!

Conclusion was interesting too…
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Video – Mera Number Kab Aayega

Our movie ‘Mera Number Kab Aayega’ is out under the banner ‘SVNIT Talkies’ . Though the venture started for some competition, it could not be completed by then. At last Late Latif has successfully completed the video, this time for entertainment purpose only. Other jobless people who took the risk were Suhas,Ashwin, Nikhil and many more…. look at the credits. With creativity pouring in from all sides, but also keeping in mind our academic load, we are in the making of next version, ‘Mera Number Aayega – [Fully Loaded]’, casting still open for SVNITians only. Contact me/team personally or leave a comment here.Budding/’Budded’ critics can try out something here at the comment section. I wont delete ’em. People in my network can download the video from my computer \\ram . Also you can Watch here. Orkut Community.