A Survey on Surveys

B-School students keep conducting surveys for their term projects leading to flood of survey requests on group emails and social networks during the end of the term. If you are a management student, you would know that. Scene at Indian Institute of Management Rohtak was not different.

Are people really serious while answering surveys? Which category of people are more likely to fill surveys attentively?

Just to have some fun, I conducted a “Survey on surveys” and floated it among the students which was also submitted as a assignment!

Conclusion was interesting too…
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UX – An Overlooked Aspect by Indian Online Ticketing Agents


Three things that Most of the Indian Online Ticketing websites need to do

  1. Improve UX,
  2. Improve UX and
  3. Improve UX.

Isn’t it the pricing that drives?

Not exactly. Of the last 10 trips that you made, how many were reimbursed? Well, That answers why pricing is not always the main criteria to choose the booking agent. What a customer actually needs is a hassle-free way of booking a flight. That’s good enough reason for OTAs to focus more on UX. But somehow, it appears that UX is overlooked by even the top players including MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Cleartrip, Expedia, Ezeego1 and Goibibo.
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Ostrich time for E-Commerce

Ostrich time for E-Commerce

With all due respects to the e-commerce ventures…

The survey reports by those fancy researches always show the graph of e-commerce market India soaring northward, exponentially!!! No doubt everybody wants to get a slice from this pie. But what fascinates is everybody thinks they can get it easily, just because it is a growing market. What does it take to start a online business? You may find step by step guide to start an online business starting from 1. Create a logo with any domain name available, 2. Host an open source or paid e-commerce engine 3.Run Google ads and spam campaign daily on mail and SMS 4.Start shipping through any courier service and rake in profits. Even the Terms and FAQs are copied verbatim. Try Googling them with quotes. :)
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TRAI SMS Regulations – An Optimist’s solution

Much has been blogged about whether TRAI did the right thing in handling the spams on phone. For most people it is a welcome move but many are confused.

What is it? : Link
Frustation : Link

As TRAI has defined 7 categories, you can either choose to opt in for a category or opt out of all messages in that category. TRAI should have made the subscription, not by category, but by the sender which would be a win-win situation for businesses as well as consumers. TRAI, instead of solving the problem, has introduced limit to the flow of information.

Rather than criticizing TRAI over its short-sighted measure, let us envision a simple and holistic solution.

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