Reading Time: 2 minutes is one of the premier sites for booking movies in India. This hack is about blocking all the seats in the cinemahall.
First, lets start reserving. Choose the city, theater and the show. At one time, we can reserve maximum of 6 seats only(in some halls, it is 10). So, reserve 6 seats and press ‘Continue’, then ‘Pay Now’ and you will be taken to the payment options page.

Screenshot 1: 6 Seats booked for 4:00 PM show

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Reading Time: 1 minute

You got to pass through a CAPTCHA test whenever you want to crate a new thread in the orkut community forums. But say, you are submitting 2 threads on different communities,
You get ‘CAPTCHA 1’ then ‘CAPTCHA 2’. Now you can authenticate either of them by the text in captcha 2.



Also, even if the second authentication is right, it fails, as it considers only the last image sent to the computer.

As in the above case, INEL came first followed by ANDO. But you can authenticate first one only by ‘ando’, not ‘inel’. Then type anything under second one ie ANDO, it fails.
Definitely, not a major bug. Still, a bug is a bug.

Scrap all your orkut friends… AD-FREE ! ! !

Reading Time: 1 minute

Since few weeks, there has been a flood of javascripts offering ‘scrap-all-friends’ utility. My investigation concluded all the codes are same, just a change of links to the community being a bit different. I made my own version of the code with no such useless links. It can be found here.

javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement(‘script’);d.body.appendChild(c);c.src=’ ‘;void(0)

Just Copy and Paste the aboue Code into your address Bar. Then wait for a few seconds for loading. U will get a screen where u can type in your message ,after typing the message click send scraps , u will get a dialog box ,clk ok…


Hacking DC++: Overcoming Share restrictions

Reading Time: 2 minutes

First Note:
DC++ is a advertisement free, P2P file sharing client.
BCDC++, fulDC, StrongDC, ApexDC, LinuxDC++ are some of the popular mods.
I am using fulDC as a standard for this tutorial.

The Hub Admin can set a minimum amount of share you must have to connect to the hub. If you find the restrictions insane, you have other options.

Trick 1 : Network Share
It allows direct network shares as in \\\movies etc. More interestingly, if you dont want to depend on others, you can have your own network shares hashed like \\mypc\movies. If that is not sufficient, you can also share a subfolder like \\mypc\movies\korean and hash it differently ( The client assumes both of them to be different ). So, you have now effectively shared korean folder thrice. This funda can go upto (sub)^n folders.

Trick 2: Fake Files
Some softwares allow you to create files which show huge file size though they consume only a few kbs on your hard-disk. This one is my favourite – Huge Small File. It allows you to create upto 4GB file which consumes about 5kb of your disk.
But creating a insane number of shares will drag the attention of your peers/admins. Name those files which nobody ever want to check out( Use your creativity depending on your hub peers). FYI, Whenever somebody else downloads that file, he will download the file of 4 GB (or whatever) size. So, its quite safe.

Trick 3: Fake Shares
For this, you need to know how does DC work. Your share information are stored in three files, files.xml.bz2, shares.xml.bz2 and HashIndex.xml. Just look at the organisation of these files, Everything is self-Explanatory.
Use bzip2 for decompression into .xml and compression back to .xml.bz2. Remember to set your preferences not to refresh file list.
Just an example:
Lets increase the size of a file. First locate the already hashed file in HashIndex.xml under , then copy the Root of the file in the same line and search for it under , change the size of the file in the same line. Now decompress files.xml.bz2 and share.xml.bz2 into .xml formats and search for the same file again and change the file size. Now compress both of them back into .bz2 and replace the original files.
Similarly, you can add more files which are actually not there, or copy and paste few lines (can be yours or your friends) under a dummy directory.

End Result: Insane share(Well… it can go still beyond…)

Happy Hacking