Driverless Car in Namma Bengaluru

You probably landed on this link via my original facebook post about testing of autonomous car in Namma Bengaluru.

Of course, If anybody doesn’t fall for a prank, it would be on April 1. So, I posted this 2 days later.
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April 1: Launch of ‘Gmail Paper’ & ‘Google TiSP’

Whatever Google launches, it is cool to sign up before your friends… isnt it? Gmail just launched two new services from their stable … Gmail Paper & Google TiSP.

Through Gmail paper, you can get your mails to be handed over to you in hand, yes real hard paper. The fun fact is that it is completely free since some ‘relevant, targeted, unobtrusive advertisements’ will appear on the back of your paper prints. Even the photos will be printed on ‘high-quality glossy photo-paper’ that too without any limit on the copies.

Google TiSP stands for ‘Toilet Internet Service Provider’. Codenamed Project teaspoon, you get free in-home wireless broadband service, even the hardware will be provided free by Google. The connection is taken from your toilet and the wiring will be in the sewage that’s why… Toilet.

Hey are you serious?

Not even Google. It was just another April Fool’s day joke by them. People went mad reading it, not seeing the date or day (April 1st was a Sunday). Discussions started going on blogosphere as soon as it was put up.
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] and many more

Google has had a tradition of such hoaxes since long

2000: Google MentalPlex
2002: Pigeon Rank
2004: Google Lunar/ Copernicus Center
2005: Google Gulp
2006: Google Romance
2007: Gmail Paper & Google TiSP

Even Gmail was also released on April 1 2004, if you remember, as a marketing strategy. People then thought 1 GB mailbox to be a joke.

So… Even nerdy guys have such a good sense of Humour
Kudos… Google