Anatomy of a Marketing Tweet

Reading Time: 1 minute

Many businesses use Twitter for marketing. Though lot of strategies have been formed in twitter marketing, some simple aspects are often ignored. This post is about how to successfully ‘brand’ your tweet?
Lets take example of, an e-commerce portal.

1. Logo and URL in the profile – Must
2. Call for action in every tweet like Buy, Grab, Join, Try .
3. Have your own URL Shortner. It is hardly a technical challenge to have one of your own that you have to choose popular shortners like or tinyurl. Not only does it look cool, you can also extract some interesting analytics from it.
4. Source of the tweet : Often Ignored and set to ‘web’, ‘Tweetdeck‘, ‘Seesmic‘ or any other application it is sent from. Well, we got an extra place to push our link in and increase brand visibility, Why not just make use of it?
5. Hashtag : Use a hashtag for your business, Who knows someday it might become trending topic!!
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