How to make Google Maps better : Personalised Directions

Undoubtedly, Google maps has been part of our daily lives. For both, the regular trips to know the best route and for the not-so-regular trips to know the route.

The problem

The whole product works on the premise that the user is engaged with the app throughout the journey, either by watching the screen or listening to directions . Recently announced AR directions (It’s awesome) is again based on the same premise.

However, this is not really required while taking the familiar routes where the needs are different from turn-by-turn directions. Sometimes, you just need to know the high-level directions and drive on your own without needing to check for directions. Sometimes, you can cover most part of the route without step-wise directions and would need the turn-wise directions only for the other part.

Bike stand
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Reserve at ₹0 , Pay later –

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Yet another first from the leading OTA. You can now reserve your room at goibibo for free and choose to pay at a later date.

Animation of Reserve now

We saw that our bookings were too skewed towards check-ins closer to the booking date, with bulk of the bookings happening for check-ins lesser than 48 hours away from the time of booking.

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What you see is what you pay –

In August 2012, I had shared a thought about ability to enter the promo code during the initial stages of user journey instead of payment page in my blog post.

Fast forward, I was able to lead this at, leading online travel agent.

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At goibibo, we constantly work towards making our travelers’ booking quicker and easier. We had everything from the book of e-commerce for quicker transaction and more. Saved cards, One-tap payment, Pay at hotel, fastest travel results and more.

We did see that in a typical user’s journey on any e-commerce , user selects the purchase, gets surprised by added taxes, enters the promotion code, uses the wallet and then discovers the exact amount to the penny that he needs to shell out from his pocket. We thought, what if we can reduce these steps from our traveler’s journey and help him make the decision quicker without any math.

When you book your accommodation at goibibo, we calculate the final price for your room including tax after applying the best ongoing promo code and using the money from your goCash wallet.


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UX – An Overlooked Aspect by Indian Online Ticketing Agents


Three things that Most of the Indian Online Ticketing websites need to do

  1. Improve UX,
  2. Improve UX and
  3. Improve UX.

Isn’t it the pricing that drives?

Not exactly. Of the last 10 trips that you made, how many were reimbursed? Well, That answers why pricing is not always the main criteria to choose the booking agent. What a customer actually needs is a hassle-free way of booking a flight. That’s good enough reason for OTAs to focus more on UX. But somehow, it appears that UX is overlooked by even the top players including MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Cleartrip, Expedia, Ezeego1 and Goibibo.
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TRAI SMS Regulations – An Optimist’s solution

Much has been blogged about whether TRAI did the right thing in handling the spams on phone. For most people it is a welcome move but many are confused.

What is it? : Link
Frustation : Link

As TRAI has defined 7 categories, you can either choose to opt in for a category or opt out of all messages in that category. TRAI should have made the subscription, not by category, but by the sender which would be a win-win situation for businesses as well as consumers. TRAI, instead of solving the problem, has introduced limit to the flow of information.

Rather than criticizing TRAI over its short-sighted measure, let us envision a simple and holistic solution.

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