Wishlist for Google Docs and Youtube

Web has given us so many great products that we cannot live without. Though there is a lot of research gone into making our life easier, there are still some small things that can increase the user experience. This post is a continuation of my earlier post  Gmail features – Wishlist
Though every writer/reader hates excessive usage of ‘I’, please note that the word represents the user in this post.
Following are some of the Minor changes that would make these great products still useful.

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GMail features – Wishlist

Undoubtedly, labs is one of the coolest features in GMail. Below are some of  features, I would like to have in GMail.
1. Annotations inside E-Mail.
Sometimes, we need to add some more information to the mail, without sending it to anybody. I save them in drafts. Another work-around would be to add the mail to the ‘Tasks List’  and edit the description. But having a feature where we can add some Notes to the Mail is something more useful and easier.

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Why Firefox still scores over Google Chrome

A lot have been talked about Google chrome. Rounding up , Its better because , it wont crash, is very fast, makes good use of the real estate on your display, manages downloads, operate in incognito mode etc. Its scores negative in few features like, dropdown bar in the url field is absent, history can be viewed date wise only, no extensions, privacy invasion etc.

In this post, I am ‘throwing some light’ on more drawbacks/bugs.

1. If the link is opened in new tab, the color doesn’t change till you refresh.
The search term in the screenshot is “google chrome”. We can see that the first and second links are purple colored indicating that the link is present in the history, while others, which aren’t in the history, are blue in color.

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