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Video – Mera Number Kab Aayega

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Our movie ‘Mera Number Kab Aayega’ is out under the banner ‘SVNIT Talkies’ . Though the venture started for some competition, it could not be completed by then. At last Late Latif has successfully completed the video, this time for entertainment purpose only. Other jobless people who took the risk were Suhas,Ashwin, Nikhil and many more…. look at the credits. With creativity pouring in from all sides, but also keeping in mind our academic load, we are in the making of next version, ‘Mera Number Aayega – [Fully Loaded]’, casting still open for SVNITians only. Contact me/team personally or leave a comment here.Budding/’Budded’ critics can try out something here at the comment section. I wont delete ’em. People in my network can download the video from my computer \\ram . Also you can Watch here. Orkut Community.

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