Wishlist for Google Docs and Youtube

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Web has given us so many great products that we cannot live without. Though there is a lot of research gone into making our life easier, there are still some small things that can increase the user experience. This post is a continuation of my earlier post  Gmail features – Wishlist
Though every writer/reader hates excessive usage of ‘I’, please note that the word represents the user in this post.
Following are some of the Minor changes that would make these great products still useful.


Uploading through the web interface  –

If I am looking at a folder  ‘XL Folder’ > ‘L Folder’ > ‘M Folder’ and go to the ‘Upload…’ I get to upload page, but I need to select the Destination Folder again !!!.  It would be better if the current folder is set as default during the upload. If I could add Tags to every doc (Just like in Gmail), nothing like it.
Uploading through the Google Cloud Connect –
I create a document in MS-Office, use Google Cloud Connect to ‘Sync’. Firstly, It does not give me an option to choose the folder I want to store it at. Secondly, it does not save it in the Google Docs format. In order to collaborate, I need to choose the option of making it a Google copy and then share it, effectively losing the link between copies of the document in my MS-Office and in Google Docs.
Copying from a Spreadsheet –
When I open a existing spreadsheet and copy a column, Content in the clipboard is  limited to the loaded data only. I will only realise after doing all the data crunching on the partial data.
It would be better if Google docs warns me about partial content in the clipboard.
If I am streaming a video at 240px and switch to full screen, the resolution changes to a higher resolution automatically  and streaming starts afresh, losing all the streamed data!!! C’mmon, I have waited for a while to load the video completely, though it is of lesser quality. Even if I change the resolution back to 240px continuing in Full screen or exit the full screen, streaming still starts afresh.

There is also a good option of ‘Stop download’ in the context menu. But on choosing that, again the streamed data is lost. It would be better if it stops download, but keeps the streamed data.

It would be better if the streamed data is cached. Still better, video is cached so that it need not be streamed if I am watching next week. Yes, there is a possibility that the video is removed by user or because of some violation, but still I can watch from the cached copy.
Then, Youtube can cache the data in encrypted form, and download only the decryption key every time I am watching the video, the key being available only if the video is still active at youtube.com
Just a thought – Suppose the video is downloaded in 240px, and then I switch to 480px, why the whole file be downloaded? Cant we just download the difference between the two, thus reducing the load on the server as well providing a better UX. Well, the existing compression algorithm won’t support this, but such a algo can definitely be developed.  I am not an Encryption guru or a Video Codec specialist, but as I said earlier, ‘Just a thought’. May be somebody who is in this field can throw some light.

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