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What you see is what you pay –

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In August 2012, I had shared a thought about ability to enter the promo code during the initial stages of user journey instead of payment page in my blog post.

Fast forward, I was able to lead this at, leading online travel agent.

Below is the blog post as on


At goibibo, we constantly work towards making our travelers’ booking quicker and easier. We had everything from the book of e-commerce for quicker transaction and more. Saved cards, One-tap payment, Pay at hotel, fastest travel results and more.

We did see that in a typical user’s journey on any e-commerce , user selects the purchase, gets surprised by added taxes, enters the promotion code, uses the wallet and then discovers the exact amount to the penny that he needs to shell out from his pocket. We thought, what if we can reduce these steps from our traveler’s journey and help him make the decision quicker without any math.

When you book your accommodation at goibibo, we calculate the final price for your room including tax after applying the best ongoing promo code and using the money from your goCash wallet.

Conversion on apps

Percentage of users moving from city search page to hotels page decreased by 5% on Android and 3% on iOS. At the same time, percentage of users completing the payment from ‘cart’ increased by 14% on Android and 10% on iOS. We were able to move the needle of overall conversion funnel by more than 1.5%. Best of all, time spent to complete the bookings by our travelers reduced by 23%.

Meanwhile, at a competitor’s app

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