Saint who spoke only four words

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Hidden amongst the majestic Himalayas, there laid a quaint village where a saint lived by the name of Swami Dandananda. The holy saint was observing a maun vrat since last decade. But, his maun vrat was somewhat unusual. On a certain day every summer, he would change his saffron robes to red ones, climb up the mountain and shout four words. Legend went around that after exactly a full mandala (48 days in the Indian tradition), he wept heavily and changed back to his usual saffron robe. The disciples denied the legend and said that the duration between the day he spoke and wept has varied over the years, although they agreed it was around 48 days.

Swami Dandananda’s favourite disciple, Swami Lalitananda, who was named so 12 years back before going to the maun vrat, lost his sleep trying to uncover the mystery of such behavior of his master. His mind always pondered about when does he do, why does he wear red and what are those four words. Despite having learnt many ancient scriptures, he didn’t understand what were those four magical words.

Over the years he consulted many learned astrologers and gurus only to be turned away after being said that Swami Dandananda might have lost his senses. But, deep within, Swami Lalitananda knew it was not a small mystery to be solved so easily and decided to take the matter in his own hands this summer.

He first wanted to understand what Swami Dandananda shouted on top of the mountain and invited many linguists across continents. A diverse group of learned men and women arrived at the start of the summer crossing the seven oceans. Each of them who were hosted at ashram, knew at least two dozen languages, some of the languages extinct since centuries. Days passed waiting for the swami to change to red robes. One fine night, Swami changed to his red robes and started climbing the mountain holding a red flag. Following him were these group of learned people, huffing and panting in the cold and unbearing weather with a hope of hearing those four words and uncover the mystery.

At the dawn, as the first rays of the sun glimmered on the summit of the mountain, he erected 3 branches of tree that he had picked up on his way, turned to the south and shouted those four magical words


How to make Google Maps better : Personalised Directions

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Undoubtedly, Google maps has been part of our daily lives. For both, the regular trips to know the best route and for the not-so-regular trips to know the route.

The problem

The whole product works on the premise that the user is engaged with the app throughout the journey, either by watching the screen or listening to directions . Recently announced AR directions (It’s awesome) is again based on the same premise.

However, this is not really required while taking the familiar routes where the needs are different from turn-by-turn directions. Sometimes, you just need to know the high-level directions and drive on your own without needing to check for directions. Sometimes, you can cover most part of the route without step-wise directions and would need the turn-wise directions only for the other part.

Bike stand
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How I saved on my car insurance, and you can do it too

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These tips have helped me in saving on my car insurance premiums upto 40%. These may help you in case you are planning to buy a new car or renewing your insurance.

When purchasing a new car, buy directly from the insurer not through dealer

When buying a new car, you are least bothered about insurance terms offered. Dealers make a huge margin on these extra services claiming that they will be responsible for the claims etc., although not entirely true.

Comparison of insurance premiums for Hyundai Creta SX(O) Diesel version as on Aug 2018
(Source: Carwale and Coverfox)

Hyundai Creta comparison

While the dealer price is ₹67,603,  Bharti Axa offers the same at ₹41,123 if bought directly from them. 40% LESS!!
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Driverless Car in Namma Bengaluru

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You probably landed on this link via my original facebook post about testing of autonomous car in Namma Bengaluru.

Of course, If anybody doesn’t fall for a prank, it would be on April 1. So, I posted this 2 days later.
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My TWO Cents and ZERO F***s about Bitcoin rally

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Zero fucks for Bitcoin rally
“Damn! I should have invested some money in Bitcoin 4 years back.”

“Banks will lose their control. Bitcoin is the next big thing. I should have done it before”

If one is not living in a cave, these are some of the stuff that one must be hearing recently. I haven’t invested in any cryptocurrency and I wouldn’t be doing that anytime soon. As the title of the post suggests, I have my own reasons to do so.

Not exactly a real currency

Real currencies are regulated and guaranteed by a federal body, while cryptocurrencies are valued based on the intelligence of the crowd. I am not exactly a fan of governments’ economic policies but I would definitely prefer it over intelligence of the crowd.

USD has its value because the world trusts the currency and is a de facto currency for carrying out important transactions of the world, including oil. If someone thinks Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency can bring in such level of trust, I suggest you invest half your net worth in it. All the very best.
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